Ethics and Principles

Young people, who are given the privilege of joining the Shah Satnam Ji Girls School fraternity, should be aware of that as members of this distinguished community, they carry the responsibility of upholding its ideals with dignity and pride. As the school’s ambassadors, students are expected:

  1. To attend the School regularly . They should be in School atleast five minutes before the first bell.
  2. To be kind, considerate and upright human beings, always ready to offer encouragement and lend a helping hand.
  3. To have Good moral character , obedience, politemess, punctuality, neatness in person and proper Uniform.
  4. During the School hours no student is allowed to leave the School Premises without permission of the School
  5. The students are responsible for their own property and the School authority will not entertain any claim for the loss of money, books etc.
  6. Students are allowed to take active part in all the co-curricular activities.
  7. Any damage done to the School property by breakage of disfigurement by writing or scratching on the walls and furniture must be compensated by those who are responsible for the same. Damage done even by accident must be reported to the Principal immediately.
  8. Any student found violating any of the rules and regulations is liable to punishment.
  9. Every student is required to be in School Uniform.
  10. Teachers check the cleanliness of Uniform , body and hands of the students in every Morning Prayer meeting.
  11. Every student must bring the School Diary with her daily
  12. No shouting and whistling is allowed within the School Premises.
  13. The behavior of every student should be polite , gentle and humble at all the time.
  14. Parents/ Guardians are required not to meet their wards in classrooms. They should see them in the guestroom with the permission of the Principal. They should bring I-Cards.
  15. Students must get their progress report Signed by the guardian within a week of the receipt at the same. All the leave application of students should be signed by the parents/ Guardians.
  16. All the leave application of students should be signed by the Parents / Guardians,.
  17. Students are not allowed to bring mobile and camera in School Campus. If they are caught , they will be punished and fined and these things will not be given back to them.