Laboratories: –

Practical & self-performed activities and experiments offer a wide vision to every human being. They expand our thinking sphere and widen our imagination. Considering the importance of experiments, the school offers well equipped laboratories to students. During school time, the students take part in all the essential lab activities under the guidance of well trained teachers and after the school hour, according to their interest the students perform the experiments under the supervision of lab technician and attendants.

Laboratories of the School: –

  1. Physics Lab
  2. Chemistry Lab
  3. Biology Lab
  4. Computer Lab
  5. Music Lab
  6. Geography Lab
  7. Audio visual Lab
  8. Little learners Activity Lab

Library:- A library is a true treasure of knowledge. Students imbibe the nectar of the knowledge visiting the library in due interval of time. Understanding its importance, the school has opened a central library equal to the library of a university. Apart from the general books and syllabus related books, the library offers the wide facility of periodicals, magazines, biographies & newspapers etc. in order to keep the student touch with the latest happenings in the world.